A Product Overview of Modius OpenData
for Unified Data Center Monitoring & Analysis 

This short 5-page Product Overview of the OpenData system descibes the issues that many data center operators are confronting and how Modius' purpose built solution can help. 

Product Overview Sections: describe the image

  • The Challenge
  • Today's Data Center Facing New Pressures.
  • The Modius Solution
  • Unified Alarm Management
  • Graphical Navigation
  • Performance Reporting and Analysis
  • Management Dashboards
  • Universal Device Coverage
  • Designed for Multi-Site Remote Monitoring
  • Integration Across the Data Center Ecosystem
  • Next Steps for Modius OpenData.

To acquire this OpenData Overview please register via the form on the right.  The full OpenData system consists of four solutions, each building on the previous.  For addition information on each please visit our web site www.modius.com.