Yes, I want the Data Center Mgmt Buyer's Guide

Download the New White Paper from Modius:
"Data Center Monitoring & Management
Buyer's Guide"

Thinking of implementing a real-time monitoring system for data center
optimization? Modius identifies "the 9 essential questions" to ask before
implementing a data center monitoring & measurement system.

Read this document to help understand the 9 most important functional requirements a next-generation monitoring system needs to provide
to be successful in your data center.

WHY is this document important?

  • Unified data center monitoring is a proven way to reduce costs and expand capacity ...
  • But different features and functions among monitoring solutions causes confusion ...
  • This document helps you make the right choices by identifying 9 key questions to ask before implementing a monitoring system

WHO would be interested in this document?

  • IT Operations, Facility Operations
  • Critical Facility Managers
  • CIO, VP Corporate Real Estate

WHAT kinds of companies does it apply to?

  • Smaller corporations with 1 to 2 primary data centers or server rooms
  • Larger enterprises with multiple, geographically distributed data centers
  • All enterprises with distributed server and IDF closets

WHAT will this document provide for me?

  • A ruler to help grade different monitoring options and strategies
  • Help you determine which features and functions you need to prioritize
  • An overview of the key issues that maket the difference for a successful monitoring implementation